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At Highfield Farm, through our science curriculum, we aim to build and develop scientific vocabulary; increase our pupil’s knowledge and understanding of science (and the specific disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology and working scientifically); the importance of scientific discoveries throughout history and different scientific enquiries that are used to support many, many theories! We seek to create an everlasting love of science within all of our pupils through fostering positive attitudes, encouraging open-mindedness and developing confidence within the subject. We understand the importance of developing aspirations in science within our children for the betterment of society and, through high-quality teaching and learning, our children will develop a love for the curious nature of science and strive to become scientists in the future.

In science, children need to develop their knowledge in a structured and organised way, to limit working memory overload which in turn will lead to long-term retention of knowledge. To further aid in this, our curriculum at Highfield Farm is sequenced to reveal the slight interplay within both substantive and disciplinary knowledge – this not only develops their knowledge and understanding of science concepts, but also the evidence for it. As the children progress through their journey of science, we aim for children to develop upon their existing skills and knowledge which can then be spread across other areas in the curriculum. Our curriculum aims to broaden the children’s understanding of scientific processes which will, in turn, help them to understand the natural world around them for life.

Science Documents



Science Curriculum Plan

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